2002 - Beckett and the Old Masters. A special public lecture from the Center's distinguished guest, Professor James Knowlson, Emeritus Professor of French at Reading University, U.K., author of the definitive Beckett biography "Damned to Fame" (the sole biography to be authorized by Samuel Beckett).

voices (1)2002 - Voices From the Dark (Three Plays by Samuel Beckett: Embers, Come and Go, and Footfalls)
- conceived and directed by Eric Prince, and staged as a collaborative production with Bas Bleu Theatre, featuring Wendy Ishii as May in Footfalls and Ada in Embers. The production was attended by Professor Knowlson as an audience talkback guest and respondent. "This was one of the best performances I've seen of Footfalls and I've seen some of the great ones." ~ Professor James Knowlson (The Coloradoan).

2002 - A Staging of Embers (Eric Prince). A conference paper for the International Federation of Theatre Research (IFTR/FIRT), University of Amsterdam.

2003 - The Considerations of Staging Ill Seen Ill Said (Laura Jones). A conference paper of the Samuel Beckett International Symposium, University of Western Sydney.

2003 - A Storm in a Billycan: Godot and Endgame in Sydney (Eric Prince). A critical review essay for the Journal of Beckett Studies, Vol. 11 No. 2 , Florida State University Press.

embers2004 - Rekindling Embers (Eric Prince). A critical essay published in Drawing on Beckett: Portraits, Performances, and Cultural Contexts, ed. Linda Ben-Zvi, - Assaph Books, Tel Aviv University Press.

2004 - Directing Beckett: Authority and Control (Eric Prince). A conference paper for the International Federation for Theatre Research (IFTR/FIRT), Alexandrinksy Theatre and Saint Petersburg Academy of Theatre Arts, Russia.

2005 - Waiting for Godot, by Samuel Beckett, directed by Eric Prince. The inaugural production for the new University Thrust Theater Stage and the opening of the Bohemian Complex for the University Center for the Arts, CSU on November 3, 2005.

2005 - A Seminar on Beckett. Linda Ben Zvi (Tel Aviv University), hosted by CSU's Center for Studies in Beckett and Performance in partnership with Bas Bleu Theatre, April 2005. Linda Ben Zvi is the first woman president of the International Beckett Society, and an Emerita Professor in English at Colorado State University.

godot (1)2006 - Waiting for Godot is restaged as a regional finalist production for the Kennedy Center American College Theater Festival (KCACTF) in Pasco, Washington.

2006 - The Beckett Legacy: A Centenary Symposium (Laura Jones), assisted Linda Ben Zvi in conducting the Beckett Focus Group during the celebration of the centenary of Samuel Beckett, hosted by the School of Drama at Trinity College in Dublin.

2007 - Next Time Fail Better: The Challenges to the Director/ Actor in Staging Beckett's Women. Laura Jones presents a paper and lecture/demonstration on directing Beckett's solo pieces for women for the full congress of the 50th Annual International Federation for Theatre Research Conference held at the University of Stellenbosch, South Africa.

 Web 6_Catastrphe2007 - Catastrophe / Catástrofe de Samuel Beckett. World Premier of a Spanish/English bilingual production of Beckett's short play Catastrophe, conceived as a multi-media and intercultural event. Directed by Eric Prince, with textual translation and accompanying audio-visual film by CSU Professor Dr. José Luis Suárez-García. Also staged at El Centro Su Teatro, Denver, and at Bas Bleu Theatre, Fort Collins. Produced in collaboration with Colorado State University El Centro for National Hispanic Heritage Month and with the support of the Bohemian Foundation of Fort Collins.

2008 - Oppression Still Goes On: Catastrophe/Catástrofe.Presentation by Eric Prince for the Comparative Drama Conference, Los Angeles, CA.

2008 - The Beckett Project, directed by Laura Jones. Presented by the Center for Studies in Beckett and Performance in collaboration with Bas Bleu Theatre Company and CSU Theatre. Under the umbrella title of The Beckett Project, Dr. Laura Jones directed Happy Days, featuring Wendy Ishii as Winnie, produced by Bas Bleu Theatre Company with a panel of respondents comprising Linda Ben-Zvi (Tel Aviv University), Philip Sneed (Director of the Colorado Shakespeare Festival), and Eric Prince (Director of the Center for Studies in Beckett and Performance). Professor James Knowlson also returned to Fort Collins as an invited guest respondent and speaker. Four Beckett plays, Rough for Theatre II; Play; A Piece of Monologue; and an adaptation of the short story Ill Seen Ill Said, were also staged in the Studio Theatre at CSU with a student and faculty company, and with production responses from Dr. Knowlson and Dr. Ben-Zvi.

three2010 - Three Short Plays/Three Short Shocks, directed by Eric Prince, CSU Studio Theatre. Not I, arguably the most remorseless test of acting ever conceived for the stage, featuring distinguished Beckett performer Wendy Ishii; What Where, a parable of politics and language - Beckett’s final play, uttering the last words he was to write for the stage; Sisters, a new play by Eric Prince, a tale of innocence, disrupted childhood, and the supernatural, created in the spirit of Beckett specifically for this event.

endgame (1)2011 - Endgame by Samuel Beckett, directed by Eric Prince.Staged in the University Center for the Arts Studio Theatre as a main season production for CSU Theatre. Originally written in French as Fin de partie, Endgame was Beckett's favorite play or as Beckett himself put it, "the play I dislike least," and regarded by many critics to be his most profound, a dark comic masterpiece. "The end is in the beginning and yet you go on." ~ Hamm, Endgame