Outreach & Education

2008 - Oppression Still Goes On: Catastrophe/ Catástrofe.

A special performed interactive workshop for Colorado State University's 8th Diversity Conference - an invitational keynote presentation for its High School Focus Day.

2008 - Catastrophe/Catástrofe - A Multicultural Theatre Experience for Poudre District Schools.

A Poudre School District tour enabled by the Bohemian Foundation, and Colorado State University, from Oct. - Dec., 2008. A specially adapted and interactive bi-lingual project, seen and experienced by more than 1,100 school students through fifteen performances at nine Junior and Senior High Schools throughout Fort Collins, CO. Directed collaboratively by Eric Prince and Professor José Luis Suárez-Garcáa, this innovative classroom experience was conceived as a cross cultural educational encounter for young people.

"What a wonderful and powerful performance was ours the first part of December! Thank you so much for coming to a junior high school - it's a risk at times, I know, to perform before this age. I was most impressed by your ability to not only identify and relate, but adapt to the audience. Thank you so much."

~ Tyann Kuehnast, teacher

Boltz JH School, Fort Collins, CO

"Thank you so much for coming to Fossil Ridge and performing your play yesterday. What a wonderful project, and a fantastic opportunity for the schools to be a part of a theatre culture. I really appreciate the invitation."

~ Kristin Rust, teacher

Fossil Ridge HS, Fort Collins, CO