Design and Technology Concentration

Design and Technology Concentration Overview

Stage and laboratory are synonymous at CSU as students, supported by a faculty and staff of working professionals, learn to apply artistic approaches and industry practices in all areas of design and production.

Students take foundational courses in set design, costume design, lighting design, sound design, projection design, and stage management, exploring their ideas in the classroom, as well as in production on plays, musicals, operas, music events, and dance concerts.

This interdisciplinary and collaborative concentration is geared towards creative and imaginative, open-minded individuals with a drive for excellence. Many design and technology students work in multiple areas and most shows are designed and stage managed by undergraduate students from all disciplines, typically adding four shows to their portfolios each year.

Design and Technology students have five world-class venues plus multiple labs and shops available for their use, including a design lab, CAD Lab, scene shop, paint shop, costume shop, sound/video editing lab, lighting lab, and acting labs.

Students in Design and Technology are able to take area-related classes every term they are enrolled at CSU.

  • Introduction to Production Design
  • Costume Construction
  • Theatre Practicum I
  • Historical Perspectives1
  • Computer Assisted Design
  • Stage Management
  • Fundamentals of Costume Design
  • Fundamentals of Lighting Design
  • Sound Design for the Theatre
  • Theatrical Makeup
  • Scenic Design: Fundamentals
  • Scenic Painting
  • Theatre Practicum II
  • Theatrical Design and Production Special Topics
  • Technical Direction and Production Management
  • Stage Management
  • Advanced Costume Design
  • Advanced Lighting Design
  • Digital Media Design for the Stage
  • Theatrical Makeup
  • Advanced Scenic Design
  • Theatre Assistant
  • Theatre Practicum III
  • Theatre Seminar
  • Theatrical Design and Production Advanced Topics
  • Design Portfolio and Professional Preparation
  • Capstone in Theatre Practice
  • Supervised College Teaching
  • Theatre Practicum IV