Emphasis in Lighting Design and Production

Students choosing an emphasis in Lighting Design and Production receive training in theatrical, operatic, concert, film, and dance lighting. Students have opportunities for hands-on applications of lighting technology, including automated lighting and moving light console training. A broad-based curriculum of theory, design, and practical application trains students to compete in the aggressive world of lighting design and production.

Related Facilities and Equipment:

  • CAD Lab with 20 student workstations
  • Lighting Lab

CAD Lab software and training includes:

  • Vectorworks Spotlight
  • Lightwright
  • MakerWare 3D printing software

Lighting Control Systems include training with:

  • ETC Ion; ETC Emphasis/Express, ETC G10
  • Flying Pig: Hog 3 iPC

Lighting Equipment and Moving Light Inventory include:

  • ETC Source-4 Based Conventional Lighting Systems
  • Vari*lite Automation
  • Martin Automation
  • High End Systems Automation