Emphasis in Stage Management and Production

Students may choose an emphasis in Stage Management and Production where curriculum is based on developing the organizational skills required to run every aspect of a production, from auditions to striking or touring a show. Students apply their knowledge in realized productions of theatre, concerts, opera, and dance, leaving the program with a comprehensive portfolio of managerial experience. Instruction includes developing leadership skills, a familiarity with styles of conflict resolution, knowledge of the documents and forms required for every step of managing a major production, and an understanding for the procedure and logistics behind touring a major show. Students cultivate the professional demeanor and skill sets allowing for optimal success in the field. Specialized courses include Commercial Theatre, Not-for-profit Theatre, Floor Management (Television), and Second Assistant Directing (Film).

Related Facilities and Equipment:

  • CAD Lab with 15 student workstations
  • Design Lab with 28 Drafting/Rendering stations
  • World-class venues including the University Theatre, the┬áStudio Theatre, the University Dance Theatre, and Griffen Concert Hall