Concentration in General Theatre

Students entering the General Theatre Concentration receive a broad spectrum of theatrical experiences in a liberal arts environment, from which they emeerge as well-rounded, renaissance artists and technicians upon graduation. Students learn practical industry skills and conceptual techniques as they begin to develop an artist’s aesthetic and worldview. Through real-time production experiences, they learn to think on their feet, adapting to a rapid-paced, high-energy career in the performing arts. Along with their diplomas, students graduate with the confidence, skills, portfolios, and industry connections needed to pursue professional careers or seek appointments with graduate level programs. General Theatre Concentration students take a selection of courses from each concentration.

General courses required of all concentrations

  • Intro to Performance: Imagination as the actor’s primary resource: acting exercises, compositions, improvisations to acquire the basic approach to text through action.
  • Stagecraft: Skills and craft of technical theatre. Knowledge of tools, materials, and techniques essential to production realization.
  • Text Analysis for Performance: Reading, researching and discussing representative play types to foster an understanding of concepts used in theatrical staging.
  • Theatre History I: Theatre from its origins through the Renaissance.
  • Theatre History II: Theatre history from the English Restoration of 1660 through the postwar developments in Europe and the Americas from 1945 to 1960.