Coursework in Stage Management and Production

Stage Management and Production Overview

Stage Management and Production curriculum is based on developing the organizational skills required to run every aspect of a production, from auditions to striking or touring a show. Students apply their knowledge in realized productions of theatre, concerts, opera, and dance, leaving the program with a comprehensive portfolio of managerial experience. Instruction includes developing leadership skills, a familiarity with styles of conflict resolution, knowledge of the documents and forms required for every step of managing a major production, and an understanding for the procedure and logistics behind touring a major show. Students cultivate the professional demeanor and skill sets allowing for optimal success in the field. Specialized courses include Commercial Theatre, Not-for-profit Theatre, Floor Management (Television), and Second Assistant Directing (Film).

Related Facilities and Equipment:

  • CAD Lab with 22 student workstations
  • Design Lab with 28 drafting/rendering stations
  • World-class venues including the University Theatre, the Studio Theatre, the University Dance Theatre, and Griffin Concert Hall

Study With

Matt Grevan

  • Production Stage Manager
  • Instructor of Theatre