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Musicals at CSU

From The Sound of Music to Hamilton, musical theatre is a leading genre in performing arts and entertainment. An innately American art form, it was developed out the Music Halls of England, the ceremonies and rituals of immigrant cultures, the structure of the American Songbook, and the ordered chaos of jazz.

Music theatre blends the creative disciplines of singing, acting, and dance, harnessing the power of all three storytelling mediums to move the story forward; mastering this art form takes skill, courage, and intense dedication. To that end, students at CSU receive supportive, one-to-one studio and classroom training that results in authentic and exciting productions. Numerous performance opportunities include MainStage musicals, plays, and operas, as well as dance concerts.

With a combined 30 years of Broadway experience, as well as countless appearances on television and in film, CSU's seasoned faculty convey first-hand insight about life as a professional artist.

CSU Theatre produces one full-scale musical each season.

Nothing unifies like a musical because it brings the theatre, dance, and music areas together and sets the students up for seeing how it's done in the real world. It's like where I came from on Broadway, and I'm really excited to see it here. Everyone is doing an amazing job and showing why CSU is such a great school with its interconnected, interdisciplinary, and interdepartmental coordination.

—Noah Racey, Musical Theatre Professor

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