Theatre: “Romeo and Juliet rewarding” ~ Coloradoan Newspaper

Romeo and Juliet

From the Coloradoan Newspaper 07.16.10, by Tom Jones –

How long has it been since you read Shakespeare’s classic tale of love and loss, “Romeo and Juliet?”

Most of us remember what happens when a young boy and girl from warring families fall in love. Now is the time to refresh those memories and clarify what transpires.

CSU’s Theatre Department has been providing summer productions outside for many years, always concerned about what part Colorado’s unpredictable weather might play. When several outdoor productions were cancelled last summer, the wise decision was made to move the Shakespeare at Sunset Series indoors this year.

A rainstorm ran through Northern Colorado on Friday evening, thoroughly drenching the lawns and gardens around the University’s Theatre for the Arts. Inside, however, the situation was completely under control; there was neither rain nor wind, and the theater itself was welcoming with comfortable seats, an unobstructed view of the stage and no need to wear a jacket.

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