CSU Theatre: Making Art That Matters

The School of Music, Theatre, and Dance empowers students to create, collaborate, innovate, and inspire. Through teaching, creative artistry, research, advocacy, and service, we elevate arts education.

We believe…

as theatremakers, in telling stories of our world, speaking truth to power, and rehearsing new possibilities. Our students practice theatrical storytelling as a powerful force for social change and community engagement. We believe art is the antidote to an alienating, dehumanizing world that too often prevents us from seeing each other’s mutual humanity.

We teach…

  • an aesthetic sensibility
  • a global history of artistic practices
  • collaboration and teamwork
  • creative problem-solving and experimentation
  • critical thinking and intellectual curiosity
  • written, oral and performance communication
  • adaptability and flexibility
  • start-to-finish project management
  • hands-on technical skills
  • emotional intelligence, resilience, and empathy

As educators and mentors, we share our industry expertise as well model the creative, collaborative, imaginative, and technical power of this art form in three concentrations:

  • Design & Technology
  • Performance
  • Musical Theatre

All in our world-class, tech-savvy hub for creativity: the University Center for the Arts (UCA)!

We cultivate…

a welcoming department that provides an intimate haven within the larger Research I University where we grow well-rounded, well-read global citizens, theatremakers, and creative catalysts. As an undergraduate-only department, our students are central to every design, concept, class and production. We train students for professional careers in the entertainment industries…and for broader life beyond the university.

We make…

relevant work that speaks to our moment and speaks to humanity. Collaborative work that builds community. Cutting-edge, design-forward technical work that marries art with science. And innovative, creative work that imagines new worlds and new possibilities.

At CSU Theatre, we make art that matters. For a world that needs it more than ever.

Dr. Megan Lewis promotional photo

Megan Lewis

Director of Theatre

CSU Theatre Justice, Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion Statement

As theatremakers, we believe in telling stories of our world, speaking truth to power, and rehearsing new possibilities. Our students practice theatre as a powerful force for social change and community engagement. We believe art is the antidote to a dehumanizing world that too often prevents us from seeing each other’s mutual humanity.

At CSU Theatre, we recognize the responsibility of the performing arts to seek out and amplify marginalized voices, to showcase diverse traditions, and to engage in deep and critical reflection about the stories we tell on our stages.

Our collaborative community stands in solidarity with the ideals of Justice, Equity and Diversity, and strives to create and maintain an Inclusive environment, valuing and affirming all members of our community and our various identities, skills, talents, perspectives, and contributions.

We believe that we have the right to be treated – and the responsibility to treat others – with dignity, fairness, and respect.

We celebrate the spectrum of life experiences that shapes all storytelling traditions, ignites the creative spirit, and illuminates our path forward as human beings.

We believe that diversity makes a democracy.