State of Imagination

Storytelling. This is our passion at Colorado State University. Storytelling is the flame that burns from within our souls. We are actors, technicians, designers, playwrights, and patrons of the theatre. We are stewards of social interaction and catalysts for meaningful cultural colloquy. President John F. Kennedy, a lifelong advocate for the arts, once said, “The only reason to give a speech is to change the world.” The performing arts can do just that through story and song, words, and action.

It is our goal to keep storytelling at the forefront of our minds as we push the performing arts into the coming times. It is our passion to empower students with the skills, training, and drive to carry the “torch of theatre” into the future.

Come join us and our vision for theatre in the modern age. Tell the stories of the lives around you and make a difference. Enter into a “State of Theatre” at Colorado State University.

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Price Johnston

Director of Theatre