Set Design Concentration


Students in the B.A. in Theatre, Set Design Concentration explore creative concepts of set design for theatre, musicals, opera, dance, and industry, as well as production design and art direction for film and television, on a theoretical level in the classroom and studio while reinforcing their training through practical application in main stage productions of music, theatre, and dance. In addition to their coursework, students will first work as assistants and then step into leadership roles as designers as they travel through the program.

In addition  to four CSU Theatre Program Learning Objectives, the Set Design Concentration includes the following unique learning objectives:

  • SET DESIGN FOR THEATRE, FILM, and INDUSTRY: Explore incremental to advanced skills that set designers and craftspeople use to design and build sets and scenery for the stage, dance, film, or industry, including primary research, vocabulary and best practices, diverse aesthetic styles, and synthesis of skills including design, drafting, modeling, painting, computer-assisted design, and application of emerging technologies.
  • DESIGN ARTISTRY: Develop an understanding of the Set Designer as a collaborative artist, creative visionary, and working professional by practicing organizational, craft, and creative skills to realize a show from concept to production and building a portfolio of creative design and/or technical work.

Set Design offers students several ways to express their creativity and artistry:

  • Set designers for theatre, musicals, opera, or dance
  • Set technicians and craftspeople for stage, dance, live productions, television, and film

Related Facilities and Equipment:

  • CAD Lab with 22 student workstations
  • Design Lab with 28 drafting & rendering stations
  • Scenic Shop
  • Paint Shop
  • Color printers, plotter, and 3D Printer

CAD Lab software and training include:

  • Vectorworks
  • Google Sketchup Pro
  • Adobe Creative Suite: Production Premium
  • MakerWare 3D printing software writers.