Performance Concentration


The B.A. in Theatre, Performance Concentration is designed to offer extensive opportunities in both the study and practice of theatrical performance. The concentration features foundational to advanced courses in multiple acting styles, approaches to acting, and entry points for the experience and vocabulary of performance. The concentration teaches Western “inside-out” approaches (i.e., Stanislavski, Meisner) based in the vocabulary of action, objective, and tactic, as well as “outside-in” approaches (i.e., Suzuki, clown, Commedia) based in character creation through the study of the voice and body.

In addition to four CSU Theatre Program Learning Objectives, the Performance Concentration includes the following unique learning objectives:

  • PERFORMANCE IN THEATRE: Develop a unique artistic vision by practicing incremental techniques and skills necessary to perform for the stage, including personal experience as a basis for storytelling; western “inside-out” approaches based in the vocabulary of action, objective, and tactic, as well as movement based “outside-in” approaches based in the voice and body; and devising techniques, including memoir, adaptation, and physical theatre.
  • PERFORMANCE ARTISTRY: Develop an understanding of the performer as a collaborative artist, creative visionary, and working professional, and cultivate cross disciplinary skills in directing, playwriting, global theatre traditions, musical theatre, and/or theatre for social change to expand sophistication in performance.

Study With

Saffron Henke

  • Associate Professor of Theatre
  • Head of Performance

Javier Hurtado

  • Assistant Professor of Theatre

Debbie Swann

  • Senior Instructor of Theatre