Since 2007, CSU Theatre has received regional and national honors, awards, and scholarships at the annual Kennedy Center for American College Theatre Festival (KCACTF) for creative accomplishments in theatre productions staged at the University. At the regional competition (the eight-state Region VII), young theatre practitioners compete with almost 1,000 students from theatre programs throughout our region. Every April, the regional winners are then flown to Washington D.C. for the national competition. There they compete with the winners from the other seven U.S. regions, where national award winners are chosen by a panel of discipline-discrete judges made up of highly visible theatre professionals.

For more than a decade, CSU students distinguished themselves as regional and national award-winners in stage management, acting, lighting design, sound design, and playwriting.


2020 KCACTF Region VII

The 2020 KCACTF Region VII is being hosted by Colorado State University. The annual event will take place at the University Center for the Arts on February 16—21, 2020. Details and registration at kcactf7.org.

KCACTF Awards and News

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