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Whether it be through connecting with alumni in your area, serving as an alumni mentor to current students, attending an alumni or campus event, or supporting theatre at CSU financially, your participation as alumni is deeply valued.

CSU Theatre is Alumni Proud!

Of course our theatre alumni can "do" theatre. But they also develop a number of highly valuable skills that make them valuable employees for any job and life situation…more advantages than almost all other liberal arts grads have.

Theater folk can be quick to tell you about the skill sets imparted through the study and practice of theater: masterful self-presentation abilities, punctuality, an unparalleled work ethic, experience working as part of a team, and a creative intellect among numerous other attributes. In our theatres at CSU, we have seen the next generation of professionals who are now working in the field and beyond – using this invaluable experience beyond the specific skill related to theatre. They are using the power of collaboration, communicating things and ideas that are bigger that words or sound, and realizing value that goes beyond a paycheck. For 3,000 years, theatre has entertained, educated, and created community. We endeavor to continue that tradition here at CSU through our phenomenal alumni.

As we continue this tradition here at CSU and around the globe, we want to connect with you – our CSU theatre alumni. Whether you graduated last year or many years ago, we want to hear your stories and connect with you. Please take some time to learn about what’s going on in the department these days, fill out our alumni survey, send us your Class Notes, and let us know if you plan to visit campus – we’d love to hear from you!

Alumni News

CSU Theatre Alumni Speak the Language of ‘Scary’ in Bas Bleu Theatre’s “The Woman in Black”

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Bas Bleu The Woman in Black 2014 Production Photo

Sitting in the dark telling a ghost story with the nothing but the glow of a flashlight by which to see… this is the kind of scary live theatre in which several CSU theatre alumni are involved at Bas Bleu Theatre Co. this summer with their production of The Woman in Black. The original book, […]

Making it in L.A.: Jesse Luken ’06

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Waiting for Godot 2005 Production Photo

Earlier this semester, Colorado State University alumnus, Jesse Luken ’06, sat down with CSU theatre students to “talk turkey” about what it takes to make it as an actor in Los Angeles.