The Winter’s Tale by William Shakespeare

When daffodils begin to peer,
With hey, the doxy over the dale…

This simple but astonishing play of great beauty and humanity has long been one of Shakespeare’s more neglected works, but in recent years has captured the imagination of leading theatre directors with more bold and insightful productions than ever before. This “tale” of marital love and blind implacable jealousy has terrible, shocking consequences, yet evolves into a moving recognition of love and redemption. It’s also the play with Shakespeare’s most famous stage direction, Exit pursued by a bear, as well as some fanciful comic invention, story-telling, music, and dance. For anyone who knows little about the play, a treat is in store with wonderful visual surprises in a strikingly contemporary and vibrant style, all utterly faithful to Shakespeare’s remarkable text, and unsurpassed poetic imagination. Directed by Eric Prince.

Thou met’st with things DYING,
I with things NEWBORN.


  • The Winter's Tale 2015 Production Photo
    Colorado State University Theatre and the University Center for the Arts present "The Winter's Tale" by William Shakespeare and directed by Eric Prince. December 1, 2015