Two Plays by Neil LaBute

Directed by Walt Jones

bash: February 1, 3, 7, 8 p.m., and February 5, 4 p.m.
Some Girl(s): February 2, 4, 8 p.m., and February 5, 1 p.m., and 9 p.m.

A collection of three stunning, scathing on-act plays forms a trio of unforgettable personal accounts: in Iphigenia in Orem, a businessman confides a chilling crime to a stranger; in A Gaggle of Saints, a young couple recounts the biolent events of an anniversary weekend in New York City; and in Medea Redux, a woman tells of her tragic relationship with a school teacher.  All three are unblinking portraits of the complexities of evil in everyday life, exhibiting LaBute’s signature raw lyrical intensity.

bash is exhilaratingly grim, and memorably shocking in that one doesn’t normally see such gruesome acts onstage, even though they happen everyday.  Each piece evokes the violence, sacrifice, and desperation of Euripides plays in a modern sense.  The shock of the characters’ actions are not lost on them, as thet struggle with reason or bask in it.

Some Girl(s):
A young writer with a beautiful fiancee, and a blossoming carer becomes very nervous; so begins a single man’s odyssey through five hotel rooms, as he flies across the country in search of his former loves. In grand LaBute fashion, an outrageously funny, and deadly serious portrait of the youthful seducer casts a truthful, hilarious light on a young American male as he wanders through the heart of darkness that is himself.

The less abrasive piece still features a signature LaBute twist as each vignette examines the tangled web of relationships, and manipulation. LaBute’s talent for illustrating the human condition makes him a polarizing playwright.

Contains adult language – not appropriate for youth under the age of 17.

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“The most important playwright to emerge in a decade.” – John Lahr of The New Yorker


  • Two Plays 2011 Production Photo
    Colorado State University Theatre presents Two Plays by Neil LaBute, directed by Walt Jones.

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Nightly at 8:00 pm
Cost: $9 for CSU students, $18 for the public

Organizer: Jennifer Clary
Phone: (970) 491-3603

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