2016 Kids Do It All in Todos Santos, Mexico

For the third consecutive summer, the School of Music, Theatre and Dance at Colorado State University has taken the Kids Do It All camp to the CSU Todos Santos Center, hosting dozens of children from Mexico and the United States. The non-profit international center for research, teaching, and outreach facilitates the bilingual theatre, dance, and music experience designed for kids ages 7-12.

Kids Do It All Todos Santos encourages “cross cultural team building skills from a very young age, and exposes children to unique cultures allowing them to experience, first hand, their counterparts from a different country.” (Todos Santos Cultural Center website)


We're Growing!

  • 30 kids in 2013; 40 kids in 2015; 52 kids in 2016
  • 2016 Breakdown: four kids from Colo., one from Calif., and 47 kids from Todos Santos/Pescadero.

Student, Alumni & Faculty Counselors

  • Devin Anders
  • Eli Cagen
  • Nigel Dawson
  • Denise Favela Apodaca
  • Sarah Folsom
  • Lua Frontczak
  • Bryan Kettlewell
  • Dana Kettlewell
  • Gabriela Ocádiz
  • Kelsey Richards

Enjoy Our Posts from Mexico

07.23.16 - Such a fun day giving putting on performances for family, friends, and the community!

07.22.16 - The counselors get a little downtime at the beach!

07.21.16 - Today was paint day. The kids can't wait to put on otheir plays for family and friends on Saturday!

07.20.16 - The week with these beautiful, joyfully energetic kids is flying by!

07.19.16 - And...the kids are already good friends! Having been under renovations the last two years, this is the first year the program has taken place in the heart of the Center, which is very exciting. The camp is using the courtyard, the rooftops, the classroom, the open field in front of the center… kids are everywhere and having a great time!

07.18.16 - This week, over fifty kids are at the Colorado State University Todos Santos Center for the third annual Kids Do It All music-theatre camp. Follow along with pictures, posts and comments from the counselor team comprised of CSU Theatre and CSU Music students, alumni, and faculty, along with three students from La Paz, the local university.