‘Midsummer madness’ abounds in university’s Shakespeare comedy

Written by Tom Jones for the Coloradoan, June 20, 2011

Shakespearean purists may look in disbelief, but avid theatergoers just may be delighted with directors Walt Jones’ and Megan Guidarelli’s take on William Shakespeare’s classic comedy, “Twelfth Night,” as presented by the Colorado State University’s School of the Art.

Currently playing at the University Center for the Arts, the production is a delight from the first stormy ship-wrecking scene. While strong, the set, staging and lighting initially lulls the audience into believing that what is to come might be just another production of Shakespeare. Not so.

Characters – all women – soon fill the stage. In Shakespeare’s time, all roles were traditionally played by men. The tables are now turned, with women playing all the roles in the gender-bending twist of theatrics.

The situation is doubly challenging, as the play itself is about a woman masquerading as a man.

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