Theatre: Shocking set hits the UCA

Article by Anna Baldwin, The Rocky Mountain Collegian

This week at the University Center for the Arts, audiences will get the unique opportunity to see two main stage productions performed by the Theatre Department: “bash,” which premiered Monday night and “Some Girl(s),” which premiers tonight at 8 p.m.

In place of the customary single play, these two plays will give the student actors more opportunities, said Walt Jones, the director of both productions.

Both plays were written within the last 10 years by acclaimed writer and director Neil LaBute.

“LaBute is very prolific, and he’s willing to paint the purest picture of what people are capable of,” Jones said. “He’s relentless.”

Some New York critics have named LaBute one of today’s best writers, Jones said.

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Image: Photo by Erin Eastburn, Collegian - Sophomore performing arts major Sophia Guerrero Murphy acts out a middle-aged woman, telling about her past as an impressionable 13 year-old in the dramatic play Medea Redux.