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Endgame 2016 Promotional Poster

Endgame by Samuel Beckett

Directed by Eric Prince Waiting for Godot may be Beckett’s best known play, but Endgame is the work critics, and admirers claim as his greatest, most profound play. Hamm, a crippled master in some apocalyptic future, and Clov, his servant, play out a comic farce of tragic stature, brilliantly subverted by dark comic values, and […]


Three Short Shocks 2010 Promotional Poster

Three Short Plays/Three Short Shocks by Eric Prince

Directed by Eric Prince Those who walk into the University Center for the Arts’ Studio Theatre this weekend will be treated to an hour of paranoid monologues, spooky revelations and plot twists befitting an M. Night Shyamalan movie. “Three Short Plays/Three Short Shocks” is the brainchild of director and CSU theater professor Eric Prince. As […]

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