‘Peanuts’ characters face death, sex, alcoholism

Article by Matt Miller, The Rocky Mountain Collegian

10.13.2010 – One hour to curtain call.

Backstage, Roger Miller walks along the pitch-black path lined on one side by curtains and on the other by shelves. Mumbling a to-do list under his breath, he skillfully makes his way through the darkness to a table.

“I start to feel the anticipation, and I get into my own head and think: ‘I have to do this. I have to do that,’” said Miller, who plays the lead role in the CSU theatre department’s first play of the year, “Dog Sees God: Confessions of A Teenage Blockhead.”

He picks up a pack of fake cigarettes that sits next to a rum bottle filled with iced tea.

Hardly the props expected to be in a play inspired by the 1960s classic comic strip “Peanuts.”

The play puts Charles M. Shultz’s beloved characters in high school where they are dealing with death, drugs, sex and plenty of problems bigger than missing a football.

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Image: Photo by Samantha Baker, Collegian