CSU Students Star in Local Theatre Bas Bleu’s Native Gardens

CSU's Theatre majors Alma Alvarado, Matthew Berman, Jesus Castro-Gonzalez, Lana Greeness, and Aleiah Jasper joined their CSU Theatre professor, Saffron Henke, for a local production of Native Gardens by Karen Zacarias at Bas Bleu Theatre.

Matthew Berman noted that the new experience has given him an appreciation for the education and professionalism he and his fellow actors have been taught while in the CSU program.

Buzzing with enthusiasm for the production, Henke said, "The highlight for me, has been the chance to work in a wider professional environment with students."

Not only have the students been impacted by the professional experience gained but the shared experience and subject matter have made a lasting impression.

Matthew Berman said, "The divisions that we find in ourselves are never as black and white as it may seem."

The production of Native Gardens, a social justice comedy, directed by Henke, runs Sept. 9 through Oct. 1, and student tickets are just $8. There is a "pay what you will" preview performance on Sept. 8.

For details and tickets, please visit https://basbleu.org/native-gardens/