Friends of the UCA: New Opportunities in Giving

The Department of Music, Theatre & Dance is celebrating its fifth year in the University Center for the Arts during the 2013-2014 season. In the past five years, the walls of the University Center for the Arts at Colorado State have held countless performances, premieres, artists, and exhibitions that have reached thousands of students and community members.

As we enter this celebratory season, we pause to recognize and thank our Friends of the UCA, who have invested in the Department of Music, Theatre and Dance; in our facility; and primarily in the lives of our students. Their commitment to our aspiring young artists affirms that they understand the importance of fostering the next generation of talented young people and their pursuit of their craft. In our cutting-edge facilities our students not only learn how to perfect their performance, they also get a first-hand experience at how the arts impact the lives of individuals and communities, and are using their education and talents to improve their lives and our world.

Please consider making your gift today online at

Maestro: $2,500 - $5,000
• Artistic Director benefits and,
• Invitation to annual dinner with
Department Chair, Todd Queen

Artistic Director: $1,870 – $2,499
• Virtuoso benefits and,
• Invitation to attend a music,
theater, or dance dress rehearsal
• Access to ticket pre-sales
• Enrollment in CSU 1870 Club

Virtuoso: $500 – $1,869
• Artist benefits and,
• A seat named after you in the
Griffin Concert Hall, Organ
Recital Hall, University Theatre,
or University Dance Theatre

Artist: $250 – $499
• Producing Partner benefits and,
• Listing in UCA event programs

Producing Partner: $100 - $249
• Friends of the UCA e-mail newsletter
• Listing on UCA website
• An invitation for two to attend:

‡Friends Society: $75
For the 20-and 30-something crowd
• Friends of the UCA e-mail newsletter
• Listing on UCA website

‡Student & Young Alumni: $25
Open to current students and
young alumni, 2008-2013
• Friends of the UCA e-mail newsletter
• Listing on UCA website

For more information, contact