Theatre: “Juggler of Many Talents” ~ Coloradoan Newspaper

From the Coloradoan Newspaper 07.10.10 by Stacy Nick

At 21, Bryan Connolly decided to run away and join the circus.

Well, the National Circus School, anyway.

In February, the CSU junior attended tryouts for the famed Montreal performing arts academy, and while he found he still has some learning to do, the experience cemented his feelings that a life of knife juggling and fire breathing was the life for him.

“I started juggling when I was 15 – honestly, I was just bored one summer,” said Connolly, who learned basic juggling from his mom and then later met famed juggler Jon Wee of the Passing Zone, who juggles slightly more dangerous items, such as running chainsaws. “He taught me a lot and introduced me to the juggling community in Boulder.”

Soon juggling led to hand balancing and then juggling fire and then eating and breathing fire; he was hooked.