Theatre: CSU Students Find Humor in Unhappiness

by Lianna Salva, The Rocky Mountain Collegian The audience files in, seeing a mysterious figure center stage sitting perfectly still underneath a white sheet. This figure remains unmoving for a full 20 minutes before the stage lights go down. Blue light filters through missing window panes from above, slightly illuminating the figure as well as […]

The Beckett Project, Endgame 2011 Production Phototo

Theatre: Students act absurd in ‘Endgame’

by Lianna Salva The Rocky Mountain Collegian Endgame is usually known as a series of moves at the end of a chess game. Samuel Beckett’s play “Endgame” portrays characters with hopeless circumstances and uses cynical comedy to ease the pain of loneliness that we all feel. Like chess, someone has to lose in life. Tonight […]

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YPO Theatre: “TA-DA!” Student Play Has Come

CSU tackles contempory work show Article by Samantha Baker, The Rocky Mountain Collegian Imagine having just one month to prepare for a world-premier play that could make or break your collegiate career. Now imagine doing this and never meeting the person who wrote the script. Senior theatre major Holly Marks knows all about this.“I liked […]

Group Photo 2011 Kennedy Center American College Theatre Festival Award Winners

Theatre Students win Kennedy Center American College Theatre Festival awards

For the fourth consecutive year, students from Colorado State University’s theater program took home major awards at the regional Kennedy Center American College Theatre Festival, held in Arcata, Calif. Feb. 14-18, 2011. The Kennedy Center American College Theater Festival is a national theater program, with over 18,000 participants annually, and according to the organization’s website, […]

Two Plays, Bash 2011 Production Photo

Theatre: Shocking set hits the UCA

Article by Anna Baldwin, The Rocky Mountain Collegian This week at the University Center for the Arts, audiences will get the unique opportunity to see two main stage productions performed by the Theatre Department: “bash,” which premiered Monday night and “Some Girl(s),” which premiers tonight at 8 p.m. In place of the customary single play, […]

All My Sons 2011 Production Photo

An American classic play opens at the UCA

By Anna Baldwin, The Rocky Mountain Collegian Ben Wasser, right, and Luke Peckinpaugh, left, rehearse Wednesday night in the University Theatre at the University Center for the Arts. Peckinpaugh and Wasser play father and son in the CSU Theatre production “All My Sons,” which opens tonight at 8. It’s a parent’s duty to teach his […]

Three Short Shocks 2011 Production Photo

Theatre: CSU offers three times the mystery

BY TAYLOR D. IVERSEN • • November 11, 2010 • Coloradoan Those who walk into the University Center for the Arts’ Studio Theatre this weekend will be treated to an hour of paranoid monologues, spooky revelations and plot twists befitting an M. Night Shyamalan movie. “Three Short Plays/Three Short Shocks” is the brainchild of […]

Dog Sees God 2010 Production Photo

‘Peanuts’ characters face death, sex, alcoholism

Article by Matt Miller, The Rocky Mountain Collegian 10.13.2010 – One hour to curtain call. Backstage, Roger Miller walks along the pitch-black path lined on one side by curtains and on the other by shelves. Mumbling a to-do list under his breath, he skillfully makes his way through the darkness to a table. “I start […]

Romeo and Juliet

Theatre: “Romeo and Juliet rewarding” ~ Coloradoan Newspaper

From the Coloradoan Newspaper 07.16.10, by Tom Jones – How long has it been since you read Shakespeare’s classic tale of love and loss, “Romeo and Juliet?” Most of us remember what happens when a young boy and girl from warring families fall in love. Now is the time to refresh those memories and clarify […]

Bryan Connolly juggling fire

Theatre: “Juggler of Many Talents” ~ Coloradoan Newspaper

From the Coloradoan Newspaper 07.10.10 by Stacy Nick At 21, Bryan Connolly decided to run away and join the circus. Well, the National Circus School, anyway. In February, the CSU junior attended tryouts for the famed Montreal performing arts academy, and while he found he still has some learning to do, the experience cemented his […]